As I have mentioned in my little summary on the description for author about myself, I am Caribbean through and through. I was born in the countryside of Haiti and came to the United States at the age of six with my five siblings and mother. I have seen a lot of things throughout my life growing up and underwent an abundance of experience through it all. I love my family with everything in me and will pretty much do anything and everything to ensure they are safe, happy and carefree. Loyalty and honor is everything and your word is your form of agreement because if I cannot trust what you say, there is no mutual ground. Love my friends and see them more of an attachment to my immediate family. 

I have created this blog in the hopes that other people who are seeking assistance and understanding can come to receive acceptance and guidance from my life’s experiences that I have chosen to share with the public. Yes, it is really risky to put personal information about myself out there because it is exposing myself in a way that I have never experienced before but I am willing to forego that in the hopes that at least one reader will take away from the lessons I was taught. Nothing I share will reveal anything about anyone close to me without first having their permission to write about it and even then I will change their names to protect their identity. Because in the end, they did not decide to put themselves out there–I did, so why should they pay for it? 

Again, enjoy! 

Anpil maen, shay pa lou            

   ~with many hands, the burden is not heavy~


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