As I gaze into the empty screen staring back at me, I realize that I have not really  appreciated all the beauty surrounding me. Especially when there has been so much chaos erupting everywhere. As the season of being thankful is just around the corner, we are reminded of all the good that we have in our lives; whether it be in our families, friends, homes, communities, faith, hobbies, work or within us. Whatever it may be, these are the moments where we recognize the goodness surrounding us. But, I wonder why is it that only on special occasions such as this do we allow ourselves to be swept away by the good and be thankful for everything? I recently moved to North Carolina and I have been agonizing about what I should be doing with my life post-graduation, and it has left me spent. The countless weeks of job hunting to only not hear anything back, or sitting day in and day out working on my novel draining me mentally, has left me only seeing darkness around me. I was in a slump for the longest time and could not bring myself to be happy even when I was blessed beyond words by all that I was given in life. I did not have to struggle as much as others did to have the things that I was given freely, but I guess when it has to do with the psychological aspect of it, I was sick. But today, I woke up and saw the sun pouring out and it made my heart full. I meditated and started my day with a positive outlook. When I was walking Zelda, I peered at the trees and the leaves changing colors and I was in awe of the true beauty and the life radiating off of those leaves, leaving me speechless. I know I probably sound sappy and unlike myself, but I realized that I was not paying tribute to nature itself and the beauty that this universe has to offer. So, I challenge you all to see your surroundings in a different light as we move forward to the end of this year and be aware of how much influence your mental state has on your outlook on life. Please be kind to yourself and others. 


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