I am present, but at the same time I am not. Here lies the remains of a shadow of the person that I once thought I was. Trapped against the wall, forced on my back, I suffocate. Finally getting a taste of air, yet it is acidic and filled with poisonous gas. I have been... Continue Reading →


As I sit here on my bed, listening to The Way Life Goes by Lil Uzi Vert, all alone at home, unable to sleep for the fourth night in a row, I feel myself crumbling. When a wave of depression hits you like a bulldozer, there is really nothing left for you to do except... Continue Reading →


As I gaze into the empty screen staring back at me, I realize that I have not really  appreciated all the beauty surrounding me. Especially when there has been so much chaos erupting everywhere. As the season of being thankful is just around the corner, we are reminded of all the good that we have... Continue Reading →


Why is it so hard for me to be rid of my demons? I thought that if I got through the four years of undergrad, then it would be better and I would be cured--even as naive as that sounds now that I think about it--I still hoped that it was that simple. I put... Continue Reading →

no justice, no peace ✊🏾

I have been begrudgingly watching the news here and there regarding the shootings in the schools and the reason for the spark on the call to action on the control to bare arms. I think the anger and fuel that surrounds that debate is sickenly fascinating, because you recognize where someone stands when they feel... Continue Reading →

breathing slowly through the fog

Maybe if I just close my eyes then it won't feel so real. At least that's what I tell myself every morning. As the darkness fogs my insides into puddle, my screams are muffled by the hand that is clenched around my mouth. Will it ever get easier? Some people say that with time it... Continue Reading →


I did it again. I shut down my emotions and decided to bask in the abyss of my pain. Every time I think I am over everything, it all comes crashing down on me again. I can't do this. This has to be my fifth major mental breakdown in under two months and I don't... Continue Reading →


remember when you told me you weren’t ready for a girlfriend and that’s why we could not be? i thought it was pretty sweet how you were thinking of my feelings             by saying how you wanted to wait for me to be yours and honoring me as yours. it was so moist in the... Continue Reading →

[ heartbeat. ] darkness is all you will ever know— since the possibility of your freedom have  been snuffed out like candles on a birthday  cake. you never saw when the scissors cut the  strands of the life you barely had time to be acquainted with,  like distant cousins who finally found each other in... Continue Reading →

failed attempt.

            You're doing great sweetie. Seriously I have to give it to myself for lasting this long in my attempt at not allowing the senioritis to consume me. I guess I am just at a shock that the semester is closing in and sooner or later it will become a... Continue Reading →

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